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​​​​     For proper ventilation, both high and low vents should be installed. On paper, the high vents are supposed to act as exhaust vents while the low vents should act as intake vents. Convection is supposed to help make this happen.  In reality, it all depends on how the wind blows, and it's never perfect.  
     The intake vents will typically be soffit vents, while the exhaust vents may consist of ridge venting, turbine vents, box vents or powered vents....but only ONE of those.  The photo shows an example of these different types of vents, all installed on the same roof which is a NO-NO!!

     When different types of roof vents are installed, there is an increased potential for air in the attic to basically short-circuit.  In the photo, the power vent would probably end up sucking air and snow in from all of the other high vents in the photo, while pulling in just a small amount of air from the lower soffit vents.  the solution here is to install only one type of exhaust vent.

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