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ice dam prevention

     Roof ice back up can be a major problem to your home. Heat loss in attic causes the ice to build up in the gutters and overhang.  When the snow thaws on the roof, the water runs under the ice and backs up under the shingles entering the home. Some causes can be lack of ventilation, poor insulation in areas, bathroom fans that are not vented out of the attic.  Removal of the roof snow stops the build up of the ice. This should be preformed by and experienced professional familiar with being on a roof slope in the winter. The same professional can look for solutions such as proper ventilation, added insulation, ice shield at eaves and valleys or even heat cables. RaiseEmUp Roofing has experience dealing with these problems and have some honest and affordable solutions. 

     Ice back up can do severe damage to your home if not caught early. 

Here are a few warning signs to look for.

  •  Icicles coming out of the overhangs or from behind the gutters.
  • If you see brownish colored ice on the siding or wall, this could mean that the ice has entered the insulation.
  • Thick ice that has built up above the top of the gutter means that it has crept up the roof.
  • Frozen downspouts that are not draining may be a factor.
  • Frost or water droplets on the inside drywall, most times this forms at outside corners.
  • Water spots that appear for no reason after prolonged cold periods followed by a thaw.
  • Frost in the attic at the eaves (Bottom of Roof) or icicles hanging from the plywood or nails inside the attic.

Some possible causes are a lack of positive ventilation, soffit venting ( overhangs), venting at the peaks such as ridge vent or can vents. For positive roof venting you must have both intake air and exit air. Sometimes the insulation blocks intake air at eaves. Other causes for ice
problems may be bathroom fans that are not vented out of the attic. A problem could be a dryer vent that is positioned below a soffit vent in the overhang allowing hot moist air to be drawn into the attic. We offer honest and professional solutions to all these problems.