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Eavestrough Cleaning and Leaf Guard Installations

      Scheduled Preventative Roof Maintenance is required in order to ensure that a roof system is providing adequate protection from the elements while protecting ones assets.          One of the most important parts on your Roof that requires regular cleaning and maintenance is your eavestroughs and downspouts. Getting right up there and cleaning the eavestrough out by hand ensures that there is absolutely no leaves or debris remaining that can clog and back up your system. We also ensure that the downspouts are completely free of blockage. Our crews snake the downspouts if required and if needed disassemble them clean them out and reassemble them. This ensures there is absolutely no blockage in your downspouts. What is the point of cleaning out your eavestroughs if the

downspouts remain neglected? 

     We are always very cautious to not dent and damage your eaves when cleaning out. The last thing we want is to make your home look worse than before we arrived.

Other important factors are: 

  • loose debris in the valleys
  • cracked caulking on wall flashings
  • signs of animals/rodents
  • damaged from mother nature…hail/wind​

     A general inspection and maintenance can go a long way to keeping your roof going. RaiseEmUp Roofing offers maintenance plans all year round to keep the roof areas functioning well. Once we have done a general roof inspection, we will inform you. No unnecessary work will be done if it is not needed